Well, so we upgraded a few things since last week. Google to G Suite, 100 GB storage to Unlimited storage (whatever that really means), use of @daytodata.net instead of @gmail.com for emails, and the ever so popular file storage.

So the journey of transferring data from one Drive account to another was pretty seamless. Before the fun began, some research was done, first looking for a tool (none found) or the good old elbow greesed manual approach. A few manual approaches were found. Here are two worth writing about:

  • Browser: sign into your source account (where the data is moving from), select all, share to your new account. Sign into your new account, select the items in your “shared with me” drive, and select the option “add to my drive”. There are a few more steps but it really varies based on folders, files, and what’s in your source.

Note: this option is the most labor intensive process. If you have folders, you have to create them on your new drive and move the files to those specific folders. Straight pain in the a$$!

  • Desktop File Sync: This is as simple as copy and paste in any platform or operating system. Copy everything from your source drive, paste it somewhere on your local hard drive, sign out of your old account and sign in to your new account. Then proceed to copy from your local drive and paste to your new sync directory. This may take a while, because Google Drive needs to sync. Once it’s done, data transfer is complete, folders and all!

Note: No matter which option you choose, the transfer does not include the shared assignments (who has access and their permissions) on files or directories. You may even have to check formulas and scripts that reference other files, as well as links.

One cool feature about G Suite, is that Google offers Drive File Stream which is the replacement of Google Drive. TechCrunch.com has a good article on it, click here for the article.

Happy Transfers to All, and to All a Good Night!

Day to Data Inc