Our Partners
A partnership is more than just a joint business venture, it's a team working together to achieve a common goal.
We service many types of businesses, from manufacturers, salons, designers, account managers, labor services, and operational managers. Our deliverance is a combination of technology and strategy. We look for the technology that fits your business, not the opposite.
Below are clients where we've completed various activities for using Excel. The activities range from data imports, custom VBA, dynamic table setups, PDF creation, and much more.
When a requirement is changed to be more suitable for a process for the sake of longevity, you know you did something right. Whitby Seafoods LTD originally had a requirement to develop a database using Microsoft Access, utilizing an existing Excel spreadsheet as the basis. Keeping this in Excel allows for changes to be made with a small amount of knowledge in Excel, saving time and money.
What better way than save time by automating steps! For South Bay F.O.R. (Friends of Richard), we took a process that was time consuming and streamlined it. Importing data from a CSV, realign the data, format it, allow for a dynamic worksheet that updates a roster by drop down. This small project saved hours of time for many individuals. Oh yeah, did we mention it's compatible on Windows and iOS? The complication with iOS is that sandbox only allows for automated write access to specific directories, this was factored in.
Sometimes we don't know what the data is telling us until we actually start to put graphs, charts, and trending together (aka dashboard). Once you've created your dashboards, then you can start planning for the future. That is exactly what we did! By utilizing various tools in Excel, dashboards were able to be created, analysis was given, and planning has begun. It all starts with data, in this project we took basic reporting data we delivered: month to month as well as year over year comparatives, identify trending, create some informative charts, and identify key items using conditional formatting. All this was achieved using dynamic/static tables, PowerQuery and VBA. 
Automation2: Excel has a great tool called Solver. Solver is a Microsoft Excel add-in program you can use for what-if analysis. Use Solver to find an optimal (maximum or minimum) value for a formula in one cell — called the objective cell — subject to constraints, or limits, on the values of other formula cells on a worksheet. In this project there was some automation required in solver to generate a football line-up. The total number of line-ups was determined by the user. This project was a great way to show automation2.
Web Design & Upgrading
A website will give you the internet presence that you need. Our services go past than splashing some colors and photos on the internet. We will not only give your business a fresh new look, but we will help streamline what you do online.
Bruzzi Lawncare & Design

Giving Joe's website a fresh new look. Going from an 8 year old website using static HTML, we are moving it to a fresh WordPress site and a Thimpress.com theme, Landscape. More updates on it to come!

Jack's Painting

Jack needed a website for his business, so that's what we  gave him. Basic site content and gallery. The domain is still undecided, but should be concluded soon.


Next Level Now REO

This will not only be a new website, but a full functioning Work Order Management (WOM) system!

Coming soon 2018!

South Bay F.O.R.

A fresh new look for the Friends of Richard! Also phase 2 will be a self service sports registration upgrade with full sports standings.

Coming soon 2018!


Yarn, Love, Care, and Creativity! These are all the things that Riddlestitch delivers in all it's products. From stuffed animals, to hats and booties, to scarves; Riddlestitch provides quality handcrafted products! This is a Wix based website.